Friday Night Funkin Vs Tord

Friday Night Funkin Vs Tord

Friday Night Funkin Vs Tord

Friday Night Funkin Vs Tord

Friday Night Funkin Vs Tord

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Friday Night Funkin Vs Tord

Welcome to Friday Night Funkin Vs Tord! One of the really cool things about our many online FNF Games is that many of them allow you to play mods where you run into and engage in musical duels with figures from shows, movies, or other media that you really enjoyed, just like it is now happening again with the addition of the game Friday Night Funkin Vs Tord.

Earliest of all, you should be aware that Tord is one of the main characters in Eddsworld, one of the first flash animation series made for the Newgrounds platform. Tord was one of the four major characters in the program, which typically followed the exploits of three further protagonists named Edd, Matt, and Tom.

Tord, who has light brown hair, is typically seen sporting a pair of black pants and a red hoodie. He frequently has a cigar in his mouth, and because he is an inventor, he is always up for creating new, creative tools and devices.

His most notable creation, in terms of innovations, is the Tordbot, a robot suit that he occasionally wears. Who knows? You might even catch a glimpse of him wearing it in this game!

How to play

Obviously, the gameplay is the same whether you choose to go through the story mode or the free play mode initially, despite the fact that this character isn't part of the series.

You will have arrows that point up to the symbols; when they line up, hit the keyboard's matching arrow to timing it properly. If you get the songs and dances right, you will defeat the game's numerous characters by winning their battles.

Employ the arrows.

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