FNF Escape

FNF Escape

FNF Escape

FNF Escape

FNF Escape

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FNF Escape

FNF Escape is one of those terrifying genre games that was inspired by the classic Friday Night Funkin'. While searching for his Girlfriend, you will have to go on an adventure with Boyfriend, the main character, and dodge the adversaries (such as Dad, Mom, and Double Trouble). It is necessary to do so in order to complete each level of the game.

Each of the game's four different levels is available for you to play:

  • School
  • Hospital
  • House
  • Dungeon

Help Boyfriend from FNF get out of this terrifying situation!

Your job is to assist Boyfriend in locating the goods he will need to complete each task successfully. Furthermore, you'll need to locate Boyfriend's spectacles, which may be bent to allow you to see past walls, allowing you to determine whether or not there is any danger in your path. In the event that you see any weird objects on the floor, you should pick them up because you will need them to complete the next set of challenges.

How to play

To lock or unlock the screen you will need to press the L key

Use the F key to open doors or lift objects

W, A, S, D to move

Shift to run

Space to jump over obstacles

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